sara's brand new single is out now

​OMG the new single is out at last!   I very proudly present to you 'Real Hot Mamma' which is all about a gorgeous dancing woman.   It could be about you!  Unless you are a man.  In which case you can substitute the word 'Mamma' with 'Ma-an' when you sing along and if you have a particularly news-worthy dance move please take a video clip on your phone and post it to my Facebook page.  

More singles are coming soon and the new album will be out in just a few months.  I'd like to say a special thank-you to my crowd-funder investors who have made a very significant contribution to this project.   T H A N K - Y O U!!!!!!!

If you are a Spotify user please add the song to your playlists as this might bring it to the attention of the Spotify playlist curators who can boost the profile of my single.   

If possible use CDBaby to download as I get a much better deal with them.  

Please support a hard working and under-the-radar singer-songwriter by sharing with all your friends.

Many thanks!  Dance on!  Enjoy!   From Sara. :-D

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Boy Next Door

Sara's debut album 'Boy Next Door' was recorded live in Jonny's front room and Jools Holland was so impressed he aired Sara's songs on BBC Radio 2.

Buy the album

Choose from Spotify, iTunes or CDBaby.  If you'd prefer a physical copy, you can grab a CD at a concert or email us and we can post you one.

More to come

Sara is working on her part crowdfunded second album as we speak.   There is still a way to go but you can support Sara's work by pre-ordering it here.